Expand your career by investing in one of our unique instructor certification courses or specialty rides taking place on Thursday and Sunday during the event.

Special Event


June 1, 2017
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Instructor: Josh Taylor
Price: $99 - $149

Ride Seating Chart
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Spinning® is more personal than ever.

Experience the excitement of Josh Taylor’s annual epic WSSC ride up-close and personal, as he takes you on an intimate Spinning journey complete with live musicians and mind-blowing energy. Limited spots available. Sign up early to secure your spot in the front row*.

Ride Admission includes limited edition Jersey, and 2 SPIN CECs.

*Entrance is based upon the date and time you register within your seating area.


VIP event takes place from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM prior to the ride.

Reserve your VIP Backstage Pass to the Unplugged ride, which includes:

  • Exclusive UNPLUGGED VIP Jersey
  • Laminated UNPLUGGED backstage pass
  • Light snacks and refreshments provided
  • Early entry to ride (enter with VIP seating)
  • Hang out with Josh and the musicians
  • Photo opportunities with Josh and the Unplugged Bike

Price: $75


May 31, 2017 and June 1, 2017
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM each day
Instructor: Steven Burnes
Price: $299.95 + Mat 1 Education Kit $120.00 for a total of $419.95

The Peak Pilates Mat Certification Program provides a solid foundation in the Classical Mat exercises, while delivering the tools necessary to progress individual clients and group classes safely and effectively in a health club or studio setting. All levels teach the corresponding exercises, while layering in Building Blocks, Modifications, and Exercise Guidelines designed to make you a more confident and effective teacher. We focus on "real life teaching,"helping to prepare for the reality of what happens after the course is finished, and how to set yourself—and your class—up for success.

This 17.5-hour course teaches the foundations of Pilates with an examination on how to executethe exercises, as well as an introduction to teaching the classical form ofPilates in a very clear and concise manner. This course also introduces the Peak Pilates 5 Part Formula for Success – a powerful tool to help you develop your full potential as a Pilates instructor.

Certification Requirements:
The training includes 16 course contact hours, plus a 2-hour assessment on the second day. A Basic Mat Certification will be awarded upon completing the 16-hour course,successful completion of the assessment and completion of 30 logged hours within three months following the workshop.

Course Materials:
The course materials include the Peak Pilates Mat and Fundamentals Instructor Manual and the Peak Pilates Basic and Intermediate Mat and Dynamic Mat DVDs.


15-hours of Classical Mat classes are highly recommended.


June 1, 2017 and June 1, 2017
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM each day
Instructor: Angie Sturtevant
Price: $325 (includes a downloadable manual and course prep packet) HARD COPY MANUAL: $30 (plus shipping and handling)

The SPINPower® Instructor training is an extension of the Spinning program to provide Certified Spinning Instructors, fitness professionals and enthusiasts advanced education to understand the foundational principles of power and how to use the Spinner® Chrono Power by Precor to deliver extraordinary classes and innovative training techniques. Using the gold standard in power meter technology, the Chrono’s strain-gauge measurement device and intuitive computer provides riders an immediate measurement of their honest effort and offers accountability for weight loss, performance and progression.

The 1-day SPINPower Instructor Training will teach participants how to train and coach with power; use the Personal Spinning Threshold Test (PST Test) to create individualized training zones; and design profiles for power-based classes. Certified Spinning Instructors can earn the SPINPower Certification upon passing the online assessment.

Both Certified Spinning Instructors and fitness professionals can earn continuing education credits. CECs: 6.5 AFAA, 0.7 ACE, 0.8 NASM

Registration includes a downloadable manual and course prep packet. A hard copy of the manual can be purchased at an additional fee and sent to your mailing address. Certified Spinning Instructors who pass the SPINPower assessment can teach SPINPower classes and will receive a digital Certificate of Completion.

SPINPower Certification expires and renews in accordance with your Spinning Instructor Certification. If your Spinning instructor certification expired more than one year ago, you will need to recertify before you can access the online assessment leading to a SPINPower certification.

If you cannot complete a Recertification course before you can attend a SPINPower Instructor training, you can attend the SPINPower training, and then once you have successfully completed the Spinning Instructor Recertification course, the SPINPower certification online assessment will be accessible.

June 1, 2017
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Instructor: Nathalia Ferreira
Price: $225

STRONG by Zumba® combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) with the science of Synced Music Motivation for a group fitness experience like no other. During an intensive 1-day training, you’ll learn the science behind high intensity cardio and bodyweight training, as well as how to combine moves and patterns with perfectly synced music, and all about the program’s unique progression system used to increase intensity. The training will also touch on topics such as physiology, bio-mechanics, movement fundamentals, and injury prevention.

Please use code WSSC25 to get 25% off the advertised price.

To register for this event, please visit Zumba.com

June 1, 2017
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Instructor: Danielle Foster
Price: $99

For those who have already received suspension-oriented training certifications or qualifications with other organizations, the CrossCore® Bridge course offers a direct pathway to CrossCore® instructor certification. This 4-hour course is shortened from our full day course, yet covers the essentials needed to become certified.

  • Designed for commercial settings and fitness professionals with prior suspended bodyweight training experience
  • Covers Rotational Bodyweight Training (RBT™) and product specifics
  • CECs pending (ACE, NASM, NSCA)

Note: Those already certified in suspended bodyweight training must provide proof of certification within the past two years prior to enrolling in the Bridge program.

June 1, 2017
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Instructor: Rodrigo Vilches
Tarifa: $355

La certificación de instructor de Spinning® es el programa de entrenamiento en ciclismo de interior más reconocido del planeta. Durante más de dos décadas, capacitamos con entusiasmo a instructores de Spinning y les brindamos todas las herramientas y el apoyo necesario para convertirse en uno de los entrenadores físicos profesionales más solicitados del mundo. Nuestro día de entrenamiento exhaustivo, liderado por un instructor maestro de Spinning, lo prepara para el examen de instructor de Spinning en línea y le brinda el conocimiento y las habilidades para convertirse en un líder dinámico de ciclismo de interior. La certificación se alcanza luego de completar el día de entrenamiento en vivo y de pasar la evaluación en línea, y está activa por dos años.

Los temas que incluye son los siguientes:

  • La seguridad y los procedimientos de preparación de la bicicleta Spinner®
  • La biomecánica del ciclismo
  • Cómo crear clases motivadoras
  • Las habilidades de entrenamiento
  • La selección de música
  • Spinning Energy Zones® y entrenamiento basado en el ritmo cardíaco
  • Cómo entender y entrenar la conexión entre la mente y el cuerpo

Lleve una botella de agua, un monitor de frecuencia cardíaca, alimentos energéticos, vestimenta para dos rides, pantalones cortos de ciclismo, calzado de suela dura y una lapicera o lápiz. Habrá un almuerzo al mediodía.

Cantidad de CEC: 8.0 AFAA, .0,8 ACE, .0,8 NASM
La tarifa de inscripción incluye el Manual del instructor de Spinning, una Guía de estudio preparatoria digital, una membresía SPIN de 30 días de regalo y un Certificado de finalización del curso.

NOTA: El Manual de instructor de Spinning se distribuirá allí mismo en WSSC cuando se registre el día del entrenamiento.

June 1, 2017
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Instructor: Joe Krasinskas
Cost: $355

The Spinning® Instructor Certification is the most widely recognized indoor cycling training program on the planet. For more than two decades, we've passionately trained Spinning Instructors by providing all the tools and support needed to become one of the world’s most sought-after fitness professionals. Our comprehensive one-day training, led by a Spinning Master Instructor, prepares you for the online Spinning Instructor Exam and provides you with the knowledge and skills to become a dynamic indoor cycling leader. Certification is achieved after completing the live training day and passing the online assessment and is active for two years.

Topics include:

  • Spinner® bike setup and safety
  • Cycling biomechanics
  • How to create motivating classes
  • Coaching skills
  • Music selection
  • Spinning Energy Zones™ and heart rate training
  • Understanding and coaching the mind/body connection

Please bring a water bottle, heart rate monitor, energy food, towel, clothes for two rides, bike shorts, stiff-soled shoes and a pen or pencil. There will be a lunch break mid-day.

CECs: 8.0 AFAA, 0.8 ACE, 0.8 NASM

Registration fee includes the Spinning Instructor Manual, a digital preparatory Study Guide, a complimentary 30-day-month SPIN Membership and a digital Certificate of Completion.

(NOTE: the Spinning Instructor Manual will be distributed on-site at WSSC when you check in the day of the training.)

June 1, 2017
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Instructor: Derek Mikulski
Cost: $199

This course will be a game changer for your business and your clients! The ActivMotion Bar and ActivMotion Training certification course is for fitness professionals and facilities that see the need to evolve as the fitness industry and customer/client demographics change. Fitness professionals that want to learn how to create incredibly innovative and fun new functional core and balance offerings should look no further.

In this course, we will do a deep dive into the concepts and protocols that govern ActivMotion Training to establish a base of knowledge on what clients need TODAY in order to improve functional strength and balance.

After establishing a foundation of knowledge on this front, we will build out our framework of movement patterns (along with regressions and progressions to accommodate nearly all ages and fitness levels) and cover 2 full turn-key group class formats. We then will finish with partner drills and tons of creative new ways to bring innovation and excitement to one on one, small and large group training.

Participants will receive the ActivMotion Bar Training Manual, a t-shirt AND an ActivMotion Bar to take home!

CEC's/CEU's: .8 ACE, 7 AFAA, .8 NASM

June 1, 2017
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Instructor: Mindy Mylrea
Cost: $149

The most intelligent HIIT GX program is now yours. Tabata GX provides the structure and the sizzle. Master exercise applications and patterning for the ultimate Group X class for every body. Unique HIIT timing is utilized based on science and smarts and uncover progressions and regressions that matter and that make sense. You will master the art of inspiration and delivery with our proven teaching methodology. Don’t be just a good instructor. Let TABATA GX make you great! Certification includes: manual, figure-eight tubing, complete exercise library with workout templates, certificate of completion No licensing fees and no cost to attend future Tabata Bootcamp® trainings, plus discounts on all Tabata Bootcamp® and Tabata GX gear and equipment.

CECs: (7.0), ACE (0.7), NASM (0.7), AEA (3.5)

June 1, 2017
3:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Instructor: Mindy and Bruce Mylrea
Cost: $79

Step into BOOTCAMP BUSINESS! Two bootcamp icons, Mindy Mylrea and SGT Ken®, have teamed up to provide you with the best tools and best practices for elevating your bootcamp business. You’ll walk away with several unique and impactful business ideas that are sure to guarantee maximum success. So, whether you are a bootcamp trainer, a personal trainer or group exercise instructor, you’ll learn valuable techniques to promote your program, as well as the business strategies to generate the income you deserve. Includes: 2 manuals, integrated website with turnkey applications to support your business, and discounts on all Tabata Bootcamp® equipment.

AFAA (4), ACE (0.4), NASM (0.4), AEA (4.0)

June 1, 2017
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Instructor: Leslee Bender
Cost: $199

Barre is the hottest method of training since the Pilates boom!! Come Join Barre Above™ for an eclectic and progressive method of barre training for all bodies. Learn all of the essentials in how to implement, launch, and run a successful and in-demand barre program anywhere. Whether you have mounted barres, portable ones, or even chairs, this education fits all needs for clubs, studios, and independent instructors. Barre Above has been created with an extensive look at the purpose of each and every exercise, based on functional movements in all three planes of motion to create strength, flexibility, and balance in the body.

This course utilizes well known products bringing brand recognition to your facility, with minimal start-up costs. BarreAbove™ lets you experience your creativity as a trainer, and does not require strict memorization of choreography in order to teach successfully. With foundational education taught with flexible options, you’ll be able to teach your barre classes in your own unique way, while guaranteeing a fun, effective, and efficient workout for all fitness levels.

June 1, 2017
5:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Instructor: Leslee Bender
Cost: $75

How many times have you or your students complained of back, neck, knee and hip pain from cycling and experienced fatigue?

In this workshop, you will experience the importance of functional flexibility as it relates to preventing injuries and overuse issues in cycling both indoor and out. You will learn where injuries stem from and the scientifically based exercises that prevent them and keep you moving pain free. Fascia plays a big role in mobility and stability and performance of movement. You will learn how to manipulate, mold and move connective tissue with specialized exercises and a roller that dramatically enhance posture and alignment leading to better performance.

Extensive handouts included.

CECs provided for AFAA, ACE, and NASM.


June 4, 2017
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Instructor: Thomas the Promise
Cost: $199

This specialty certification takes your traditional Performance Training Course to the next level by incorporating the AGILITY factor. Here you will be introduced to agility training in combination with a variety of equipment-based training techniques for strength, power and conditioning. Performance Training is designed to teach fitness professionals how to effectively use elements of Kettlebell, Training Rope and Agility training in both one-on-one and group formats. You will acquire all of the teaching tools needed to maximize your clients potential.. The training includes hands-on practical sessions and requires passing a practical exam to receive ISCA Performance Training Instructor Certification.

June 4, 2017
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Instructor: Mindy and Bruce Mylrea
Cost: $199

One Day to Wellness is a comprehensive wellness course encompassing all the latest and greatest in behavioral change research, eating strategies for sustained success, mindful and productive goal setting, This one day course will have you diving deeply into the wellness continuum through nutrition, fitness, and life balance. This course is for fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaches wanting to assist their clients with all the latest coaching and motivational tools as well as anyone who needs that infusion of life transforming energy.

Bruce and Mindy Mylrea have been coaching and teaching for over 35 years, touching thousands of lives. Bruce is a holistic nutritionist armed with exciting recipes, meal plans and a nutrition continuum that will surely lead to making successful choices for health, balance, and empowerment. Mindy’s knowledge of fitness, movement, and her ability to make everything a joy allows her to lead from the heart and soul. She will provide you with all the tricks and toys you need to no longer work out but work in.

Seminar day deliverables include: manual, tote bag, samples, special gift, customized action plan, CD / DVD / downloads.


June 4, 2017
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Instructor: Stacey Lei Krauss
Cost: $199

Feed your students the SUPERFOOD of Fitness! The willPower Method® combines alignment-based movements from Pilates® and yoga with strong, athletic calisthenics and dance principals; yielding safe, efficient workouts for students of all levels. We are the full-body, barefoot conditioning program that athletes need, and the calorie-burning cardiovascular solution that mind-body practitioners have been searching for! This group exercise program is based on a template of pre-choreographed, functional bodyweight sequences; barefoot and equipment-free. The willPower Method® is the perfect bridge between quiet-mindful workouts and strong, intense bodyweight training. Our Instructor Training program is an empowering, team-oriented environment where you’ll be given the tools to teach the willPower Method® workout, and feel like a total superstar doing it.

Learn willpower Method® Fundamentals:

  • Barefoot fitness basics: application and safety
  • Foot pre-activation sequence
  • willPower bodyweight drills (progression, regression and flow)
  • The art of multi-level coaching
  • Dynamic training: rhythm and timing
  • Class segments and workout formatting
  • Classroom management
  • willPower philosophy

CEC: .8 ACE, 8.0 AFAA, .8 NASM